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Meditron provides Biomedical maintenance services in UAE aimed at enhancing life of medical equipment and ensuring safety during operation. This is also a regulatory requirement in UAE. Be it acceptance testing, preventive maintenance, break down maintenance, inspections, calibration or any ad-hoc equipment needs, Meditron provides these services through trained personnel, using calibrated test equipment and tools.

Our on-field service teams are backed by equipped workshops for repair, adequately stocked spare parts, tools and test equipment.

Preventive maintenance:
We under take the PPM of all medical equipments within UAE. We carry our our PPM jobs as per international standards & in line with local guidelines from DHA,DOH or MOH.

Breakdown maintenance:
We under take repair & maintenance of all biomedical equipments. We have well trained biomedical engineers, we do stock lot of regular spare parts, so that the downtime of the equipments is minimized.

Safety test & simulations :
We have our own calibrated equipments for electrical safety test of any medical equipments. Plus we do have simulators for various medical equipment like defibrillators, monitors, infusion pumps etc.

Maintenance contracts:
We undertake AMC(annual maintenance contracts) under which, we take care of all equipment of the facility, maintain them well & keep a regular check on each machine.
Biomedical maintenance management: we have softwares to plan & record all maintenance details of each machine.

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